In 2017, the following cultural projects financed by the Lithuanian Council for Culture and Klaipėda City Municipality were implemented in the Lithuanian Sea Museum

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​Related area: Development of innovative services in memory institutions

Title of the project: Marine disasters and Lithuania: between rationality and mysticism. 2015-2017

Aim of the project is to develop innovative exhibitions in the Museum promoting active and interactive cognition of marine culture.

Related area:  Culture disseminationand project

Title of the project: At the Roots of the Lithuanian Fleet. People and Ships

A book about initiators and developers of the Lithuanian fleet (begin. of XX c.) aiming at dissemination of national maritime historical heritage. 

Preventive Restoration and Conservation of Museum Valuables 

Conservation of 76 museum valuables preserved in the Museum's Collection of Art.

Related area: Dissemination of culture and art​

Title of the project: Phantom of the Fort

Performance dedicated for the re-opening of the Aquarium Exhibition situated in a former XIX c. Nerija Fort.

Related area: International cooperation 

Title of the project: Ship in the Storm. Historical Context in the Baltic Sea

International conference focusing on history of  rescue at the sea activities and development of life saving stations along the northern coast of the Baltic Sea in XIX c.

Related area: Cultural education

Title of the project: I Am Dragging My Anchor

Citizens and guests of the city while using the public transport will be provided with interesting and entertaining maritime knowledge in order to promote maritime identity of Klaipeda and Lithuania.  

Related area: Cultural education

Title of the project: What a Wonderful World of Museums

School project will engage students into deeper complex study of the XIII - XV c. history of Klaipeda with the sessions arranged in different museums of the city. 

Related area: Development of qualification 

Title of the project: Key to Success, Creative Museum = Creative Visitor

Qualifications of the museum‘s staff developing projects aiming at creating better and modern services for the visitors.

Related area: Cultural education

Title of the project: Museums Drive on

United project by 4 Klaipeda museums aiming at dissemination of museums‘, promotion and development of cultural activities in the city. For the purpose, 4 specially equipped and decorated public buses, presenting the topics of the Museums: art, history and maritime culture - drive around the city and provide educational and entertaining activities for the public transport passengers. 

Related area: Cultural education

Title of the project: Engaged with the Sea

Educational platform-installation in the city of Klaipeda, arranged in a sea trade container, presenting one of the most beautiful ship models of the Museum Bucentaur  – a replica of barge of the Venice doges – and telling a wonderful story about engagement with the sea...  

Related area: Dissemination of culture and art​​

Title of the project: Dangė Flotilla

Traditional historical ships‘ event, arranged during the Sea Festival in Klaipeda, presenting navigation traditions and heritage with numerous educational activities to the public.

Related area: Development of qualification 

Qualifications of the museum‘s staff developing projects: three specialists of the Lithuanian Sea Museum have been awarded with the grants to develop their professional skills and qualifications in the fields of marine biology, professional lighting and efficient fundraising.  

In 2016, the following cultural projects financed by the Lithuanian Council for Culture and Klaipėda City Municipality were implemented in the Lithuanian Sea Museum 

In 2015, the following cultural projects financed by the Lithuanian Council for Culture and Klaipėda City Municipality were implemented in the Lithuanian Sea Museum


Reconstruction of Aquarium of the Lithuanian Sea Museum, 2014-2017

Major reconstruction of the Museum’s aquarium exhibition since its opening in 1979. After the reconstruction, aquarium exhibition will contain 3 tanks with fresh water fishes (total capacity 60 m3), 10 tanks with the Baltic and North sea’s fishes and invertebrates (total capacity 100 m3), 7 tropical tanks (total capacity 60 m3), underwater acrylic tunnel, and the central pool.

The outputs of the project also include: upgraded life supporting system (LSS) in the tanks of the aquarium, enlarged outdoor pools for sea birds and mammals, refurbished visitors’ service infrastructure. An annex to the reconstructed building will house a classroom for the educational experimental activities. 

Cost of the project 14, 83 mln EUR (11, 76 mln. EUR financed by the Governmental Investment Programme).

The Park of Sea Entertainment, Relaxation and Health Services in Kopgalis (establishment of Dolphin Therapy Center)


Supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and Cohesion Fund (CF) 2007-2013 under the priority “Local and urban development, conservation of cultural heritage and nature, and adaptation for tourism development“ and co-financed by the Lithuanian State Investment Programme, the project was implemented in three stages:

ID No VP3-1.3-ŪM-01-V-01-022

1st stage included renovation of the dolphinarium building replacing its roof, refurbishment the central dolphins‘pool, installation of modern water treatment and supply system, refurbishment of the main hall and  installation of modern sound and lighting systems. 

ID No VP3-1.3-ŪM-01-V-02-002

2nd stage included construction of additional pools for dolphins with the water treatment and supply system, dolphin assisted therapy center, and pools for California Sea lions. 
In the newly established dolphin assisted therapy center there are individual and group sessions arranged for people having physical or mental irregularities as well as for people suffering from neurological diseases. 

ID No VP3-1.3-ŪM-01-V-03-001

3rd stage included construction of the outdoor pool for the sea mammals with modern water treatment and supply system and a 800-seated amphitheater equipped with modern sound system. 
The project created 17 new jobs and increased the number of national and international visitors to the dolphinarium who are now provided with better quality services and infrastructure here. 

Duration of the project 2009-2015
Total budget of the project – 13,5 million EUR
Contribution to the project 9 million EUR


Museums today act as important informal learning players and provide potential for communicating social, cultural and scientific information, correcting misconceptions and improving attitudes and cognitive skills. Therefore Lithuania Sea Museum (LT) together with ECO partners (LV), C.R. Jakobson museum (EST) and Eskilstuna folkhögskola (SE) in 2017 cooperated and implemented project „SmILE“. Main objectives of the SmILE project were to improve the quality of adult informal learning services in museums and to strengthen the folkhighschools abilities to exploit museums in adult education and learning. 

Implementing  project activities, three international workshops on the following topics were organized in Latvia, Estonia and Sweden:  "Biographical  Approach and Storytelling in Adult Education and Active Citizenship", "How to Work With Big Groups of Adults in Education",  "Developing Cooperation between Local Museums and Folkschools in Order to Use Museums in Learning (Informal and Formal) Process".

Participants to the workshops deepened their knowledge and broadened understanding of pedagogical methods used in the participated countries, got new ideas that could be implemented in their organizations. 

Supported by the Nordplus Adult Programme. Total budget of the project – 12.330 EUR.  Project No.: NPAD-2016/10168.


Supported by Erasmus+ Programme (Key Action 1 – mobility of individuals), in 2015-2016 the Lithuanian Sea Museum implemented project DOLPHIN (Development of Knowledge and Skills of Employees of the Dolphin Therapy Centers). 

The project activities included trainings for specialists of the Lithuanian Sea Museum’s Dolphin Therapy Center in the  Watsu/Tansu, Sherborne, Sensory Integration, TEAACH and OIVA methods used at  the Dolphin Therapy Centers  and one job-shadowing visit to Zoo Marine (Portugal) to watch the real activities performed applying the methods. Special attention was also paid to the welfare of the animals participating in the therapy. 

Total duration of trainings: 40 days (320 hours).
Number of participants: 6 specialists of the Lithuanian Sea Museum’s Dolphin Therapy Center. 

Project No. 2015-1-LT01-KA104-013310

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Title of the project: Baltic Museums: Love IT!

Lithuanian Sea Museum together with museums, touristic attractions, IT specialists and research institutions from Poland, Denmark, Sweden and Germany, cooperate in the project ‘BalticMuseums: Love IT!’ to create IT-enabled tools for natural and cultural heritage attractions in the South Baltic Region. The three-year project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund in the Interreg South Baltic Programme. 
The purpose of the project: to develop multilingual tours to be run on the own devices (e.g. smartphones) that the visitors bring to the attractions. Addressing the trend of gamification, the project will use game elements to make the visitors’ experience more involving, and extend the single visit into long-term relationships.

Leading Partner –  University of Szczecin (Poland).
Project Partner Institutions: Stralsund University of Applied Sciences (Germany), National Marine Fisheries Research Institute (Poland), Malmö Museums (Sweden), NaturBornholm (Denmark), Experyment Science Centre in Gdynia (Poland), Foundation of Internet Industry Development "Netcamp" (Poland), Business Academy North gGmbH (Germany).    

Project duration: 2017–2020
Project budget: 1.484.375 EUR

The project supported by the EEA Grants and Norwegian Financial Mechanisms (2009-14) 


Programme: Conservation and revitalisation of cultural and natural heritage 

Title of the project: Neringa Fort Conservation and its Sustainable Use

Supported by the EEA Grants and Norwegian Financial Mechanisms (2009-14) for cultural heritage programme, the Lithuanian Sea Museum together with the partner Stavanger Museum has been implementing the project which aims at preserving the Neringa Fort.  

More about project:
Building Bridges 
New Exhibition about Neringa Fort

In 2001–2014, international Projects Implemented by the Lithuanian Sea Museum 

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Tickets to exhibition of Sea Fauna and Navigation History in the Nerija Fort (except Aquarium)



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retired senior****, 
adults with disabilities*****
2 3

* Children (4 years and older) to dolphinarium; children (6 years and older) to sea fauna and navigation history exhibitions in the Nerija fort.
** Schoolchildren holding a certificate.
*** Daytime-department students holding an international student card (ISIC).
**** Retired seniors from EU and EEA.
***** Adults with disabilities who have an average level of disability and have a valid license.

Photography and filming for personal use - free of charge.

Lithuanian Sea Museum administration has the right to change ticket prices.


1. The visitors are admitted to the Museum during the opening hours of the Museum only, upon acquisition of tickets in the Ticket office of the Museum and/or online. The Ticket office is closed 30 minutes before the closing time of the Museum.

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4. Ticket prices and respective discounts are approved by a separate order of the Director of the Museum. Upon the Director's written consent, target groups may be admitted to the Museum free of charge. The Museum shall be entitled to apply short-term discounts (campaigns). Respective information is provided in the Ticket office and the website of the Museum. Also, information is provided by phone.

5. A ticket is acquired for a single visit only. It is valid for the acquisition date. The duration of validity of a ticket may be extended for 30 days following its acquisition date by marking a ticket with a special mark.

6. A visitor should not spoil, fold, tear, stain or otherwise damage a ticket. The Museum shall be entitled to refuse entrance to visitors with damaged tickets which are not recognized by a scanner.

7. Persons wishing to acquire tickets with discount or visit the Museum free of charge should provide a cashier with a respective certificate granting such right. If a person refuses to provide a respective document, the discount is not applied. During the control of tickets and/or visit to the Museum a visitor may be asked to provide a respective document together with a discount ticket. Discount tickets should be used by persons having acquired the same only. It is prohibited to hand over a ticket with discount to other persons.

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9. However, tickets are not refunded in the event of force majeure circumstances (Item 1, Article 6.212 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania).

10. Lost, damaged and/or otherwise unusable tickets are not refunded as well.


Tickets at a half price are available for:

1. Children (4 years of age and older);

2. Schoolchildren;

3. Students of full-time studies - nationals of the Republic of Lithuania and other Member States of the European Union studying in higher education institutions of the European Union, as well as students of full-time studies studying in vocational training establishments;

4. Retired old age nationals of the Member States of the European Union and European Economic Area;

5. Adults with moderate disability.

Tickets with discount (for the price fixed for organized visitor groups) are available for:

6. Adults with mild disability;

7. Organized visitor groups consisting of more than 15 persons.

The following visitors are admitted free of charge:

1. Children up to 4 years of age (without providing them a separate seat);

2. Persons with severe disability, disabled children up to 18 years of age and accompanying persons (one disabled - one accompanying person);

3. Creators and sponsors of the Museum as well as other persons holding special permits/invitations issued by the Administration of the Museum;

4. Employees of all museums of the Republic of Lithuania upon presentation of a respective employment certificate;

5. Adults accompanying organized children's groups (one adult - ten children). A ticket with discount for an accompanying person is handed over in the Ticket office or issued online when buying tickets for a group of children;

6. One guide, one group leader and one bus driver when buying a group ticket (a ticket with discount could not be transferred to another person);

7. Orphans and children from boarding-schools or care institutions and their accompanying persons (one adult - ten children), upon presentation of a list of children and documents attesting their status at the Ticket office.


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Attention! On 3 December exhibitions of the Sea Museum will be open only at 16:30 and 17:30 for 1 hour duration Aquarium opening performance “Fantomas of the Fort”


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